Students can work toward a Certificate of Completion or join us for a one-off class. There are 3 ways to approach studying at Apparel Arts:

  1. Take our Certificate Classes below if you are interested in working in the apparel industry, starting your own apparel business, or, if you are a serious sewing hobbyist. (Please note that the structure of our Certificate Program will change this fall given Apparel Arts’ pivot to online classes. We will update this page when more information is available.) Certificate classes include:

• All 9 Pattern Drafting Classes: Skirts, Moulage, Dart Manipulation, Lines, Necklines, Collars, Sleeves, Pockets/Details and Pants, working predominately with woven fabrics with a limited number of exercises in knit fabric.

• Construction I and II

• Advanced Sewing: Denim, Leather/Faux, Bias, Charmeuse/Chiffon, and Velvet

• Fashion History/Design Principles

• Draping

• Tech Packs

• Textiles

• Tailoring

• Copying Ready to Wear

2. Take one-off classes as needed to sharpen your skills in order to reach your personal or professional  goals.

3. If you are interested in improving your sewing skill level take the following classes:  Construction I and II, Advanced Sewing Series, and Tailoring.