Pattern Drafting

Instructors: Suzy Furrer, Allison Page

The course enables students to become industry proficient in patternmaking, design, fit and construction. A small class size allows for individual attention. The subjects are broken down into 8-week topic blocks as follows: Skirts, Moulage/Bodice Sloper, Dart Manipulation, Lines, Necklines, Collars, Sleeves, Pockets/Garment Details, and Pants. Students learn both the drafting and sewing.  Creating a 6-piece line while studying or at the end of the series is encouraged.  Some sewing experience is helpful, but not required.  If you are new to sewing, start with Skirts which is the foundational class. Required Text: Building Patterns, The Architecture of Women’s Clothing, by Suzy Furrer.

Construction I and II

Instructors: Suzy Furrer

Students learn proper sewing techniques such as how to sew and press a proper seam, how to sew darts, insert zippers, use twill tape, top stitching, edge stitching, and under stitching, how to sew a buttonhole, as well as how to sew French seams, flat-felled seams, corners and more. Students will take away from the class a sample binder of instruction and sewn examples of around 4 dozen sewing techniques between the two classes. Construction I and II will aid both the beginner and intermediate sewer.



Instructor: Allison Page

Students start with the fundamentals of draping by draping the skirt, bodice and sleeve slopers. They will also learn collars, necklines and flares and cowls. Students will learn how to transfer the draped muslin into a paper pattern. Required Text: Draping for Fashion Design (any edition), by Jaffe/Relis.


Fashion History/Design Principles

Instructor: Suzy Furrer

In Fashion History, we will be delving into 100+ years of western fashion history while recognizing its social, cultural, political and financial effects. In addition, through a series of exercises, we will seek to answer the questions of who you are as a designer and what is your design aesthetic?




Instructor: Suzy Furrer

Apparel Arts’ textile class will focus on identifying common apparel fabrics through fiber, yarn, weave or knit patterns, dye patterns and finishes.  We also discuss current market trends in textiles. This class will benefit the beginner to advanced student.



Instructor: Suzy Furrer

Learn to properly construct a jacket or coat with impeccable results. We cover pattern fit, building the inside of a jacket, pressing techniques, sewing welt pockets, notched collars, bound buttonholes and much more. Patterns need to be drafted and fit before the class begins. We will be adding a class on drafting a jacket pattern.  If students are not drafting their own pattern, we suggest:  McCalls M6172 or a traditional men’s blazer pattern.

Required Text: Tailoring: The Classic Guide to Sewing the Perfect Jacket, by Creative Publishing International. Prerequisite: Tailoring class is reserved for the intermediate to advanced sewer.

Students attend a 1.5 live Zoom classes once a week for 8 weeks, 8-10 students per class, teacher access, and access to the film of the class for a finite amount of time. Expect three to five hours of homework between classes.


Manufacturing Practices/Tech Packs

Instructor: Suzy Furrer

In Manufacturing Practices/Tech Packs students learn the value of a tech pack and how to interpret and create one. Students choose one of their own patterns and create a tech pack, a sew-by sample and a production ready pattern – all necessary skills when seeking a job in the apparel industry. Prerequisite: Some patternmaking and sewing experience is necessary.


Advanced Sewing Series

Instructor: Suzy Furrer

Join us for our Advanced Sewing Series and elevate your sewing skill level immeasurably .  You can take all 4 classes or pick and choose from the list. Students learn how to tame these  fabrics that are considered difficult. Individual subjects include:

Denim – Learn how to sew through thick seams, top stitching considerations, sewing a zipper fly, and more.

Leather or Faux Leather – Learn to sew real or faux leather, including layout options, choosing the proper needle,  seam considerations, and more.

Silk Charmeuse, Chiffon and Controlling Bias – Learn cutting and controlling techniques, seam finishes, interfacing choices, and more.

Velvet, Velour and Other Pile Fabrics – Learn how to cut and control pile fabrics, how to choose the right pattern, closure options, and more.

For each individual subject above, students attend a 1.5 live Zoom classes once a week for 4 weeks, 8-10 students per class, teacher access, and access to the film of the class for a finite amount of time. Expect three hours of homework between classes.

$20 materials fee plus postage per subject.

Copying Ready to Wear (CRTW)

Students in CRTW learn how to copy existing garments. This is a necessary skill in costuming and in the ready to wear industry. Over the course of 8 weeks, students will copy 2-3 garments, create the patterns, sew samples and produce production ready patterns. Three different methods of copying ready to wear will be taught. Prerequisite: Some patternmaking and sewing experience is necessary.


Grading (Sizing Patterns)

Students learn to hand grade (size) patterns up one size and down once size. Learning the principles of grading gives the student a clear understanding of how patterns are graded in the apparel industry. Students grade a skirt, pant, short bodice, long torso, sleeve, collar and pocket. Prerequisite: some patternmaking experience is necessary.